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The Arch and Anth Podcast

The Arch and Anth Podcast aims to provides entertaining and educational content about archaeology and anthropology. Hosting the show is me, Dr Michael B. C. Rivera, an expert in the study of human biology, human behavior and human societies worldwide, from the earliest beginnings to modern times (you can read more about me here).

This podcast is aimed at a broad audience. There is no assumption that listeners will already be well-informed about the study of people and what that involves. Through interviews with various guests, the podcast will address a wide enough range of topics for you to find something of interest. All episodes will be designed to be thought-provoking and entertaining for all!

Jul 11, 2020

On this episode, Dr. Massimo Lando (City University of Hong Kong) hosts the show and interviews Dr. Michael B. C. Rivera (The Arch and Anth Podcast) about the move they're making to Hong Kong, and their reflections on the life they've led together since the launch of the podcast in May 2019.

Michael created The Arch and...

Jul 10, 2020

Today, Stefan Milosavljevich (Stefan Milo on YouTube) talks to us about his inspiration and process of creating YouTube videos all about archaeology, anthropology and human evolution.

How did Stefan get started on YouTube and what first inspired him to start doing videos on his passion subjects of archaeology and...

Jul 8, 2020

On today's episode, Dr. Lena Karvovskaya (Utrecht University) is on the podcast to talk about her current work as a research data manager, as well as her earlier PhD research studying theoretical linguistics and the grammar of possession.

In complex data management, how does Lena work with users with projects that need...

Jul 5, 2020

Aqeel Ihsan (York University) is a history PhD candidate focusing on South Asian diaspora currently living in Canada. Topics of Aqeel's interest include South Asian diaspora's memories of the 1947 partition of India into two republics (now India and Pakistan), concepts of 'home' and 'belonging', and how grocery stores,...

Jul 1, 2020

In this episode, Dr. Katie Tucker (The Solomonic-Zagwe Encounters Project) takes us through her multitudes of osteoarchaeological research experiences, beginning with The SolZag Project that centers upon the interactions between the Zagwe Kingdom (900 - 1270) and the Solomonic Dynasty (1270 - 1974).

For Katie's work at...