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The Arch and Anth Podcast

The Arch and Anth Podcast aims to provides entertaining and educational content about archaeology and anthropology. Hosting the show is me, Dr Michael B. C. Rivera, an expert in the study of human biology, human behavior and human societies worldwide, from the earliest beginnings to modern times (you can read more about me here).

This podcast is aimed at a broad audience. There is no assumption that listeners will already be well-informed about the study of people and what that involves. Through interviews with various guests, the podcast will address a wide enough range of topics for you to find something of interest. All episodes will be designed to be thought-provoking and entertaining for all!

May 1, 2020

For this episode, Dr. Sabah Ul-Hasan (Scripps Research) takes us through their work in bioinformatics, venom microbiology and data science and education.

How does Sabah see bioinformatics research influencing and benefiting our daily life and how the natural or human world operates around us? What are examples of...